We strive to provide a full range of media development services to meet the needs of our clients in Central Texas. This includes services such as: videography, photography, print, and the web. Our initial focus is on identifying our clients needs so we can provide superior end-products for the right price.


Our clients look to us for solutions which maximize their presentability and exposure in order to increase opportunities.  Our high values and business ethics remain foundational to our company and are reflected

in a daily commitment from each of us and our associates.


Leif is a creative artist with a strong understanding of technology and business. He has over 16 years experience in the computer industry and 18 years of graphical design. He has managed or owned many web, software, and hardware development companies. Achievements in creative production include: co-founding an internationally acclaimed pyrotechnic show; 12 musical albums; 2 stage shows; and a quality collection of travel photography. He focuses on balancing creative thinking with the organizational methods required for production in the real world.

Mark Skinner brings 30 years of experience in the field of computer-generated graphics and design. He has held leading roles in the development of different products and titles ranging from software development, websites and print design to video production. Mark's visualization and design skills are reflected in his diverse clients such as Lucas Arts, Mattel Interactive, Best Buy, Keller Williams and Stylecraft Homes to name a few.

Mike has 40 years experience in a variety of technical fields, and has held several senior level engineering management positions in his career.  He holds an Electrical Engineering and MBA degree from Texas A&M.  Mike currently serves as the senior technical person and performs other duties such as business development, UAV pilot, videographer, photographer and video editor.  He brings his long time love of photography, remote controlled aircraft and all things technical to round out Team 23 Media‚Äôs team of creative and artistic professionals.



Other capabilities that Mark offers: